22 March 2020 - Website is now live!

Thank you for your patience.  We are now ready to accept your order.  Please take the time to read these additional requests from Rosebank Meats.   * We ask that you continue to shop for only what you next for the next 2 days to allow equity for all. * We ask that you submit your orders at least every second day, again due to fair distribution for all. * Each individual product has its own unique sale limit.  This will be detailed when it is selected for purchase. * Sale is limited to 5 product lines per order.  Anything over...

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21 March 2020 - Update on Supply Methods

After deep and considered reflection on the current climate with regards to Covid-19, we wish to advise our valued customers that there will be changes to the way we deliver our service to you.   Our ultimate aim is maintaining the health and safety of our customers and our staff.  This is our only priority at this time.   With the current restrictions with regards to social distancing by the Australian government, we advise that we wish to adopt these practices also. If we can help slow the spread of coronavirus in any way possible, we will do it. And we...

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