22 March 2020 - Website is now live!

Thank you for your patience.  We are now ready to accept your order.  Please take the time to read these additional requests from Rosebank Meats.


* We ask that you continue to shop for only what you next for the next 2 days to allow equity for all.

* We ask that you submit your orders at least every second day, again due to fair distribution for all.

* Each individual product has its own unique sale limit.  This will be detailed when it is selected for purchase.

* Sale is limited to 5 product lines per order.  Anything over and above this amount will be rejected and refunded.


You will notice that our product range is reduced at this moment.  New stock is constantly arriving, and it will be made available for purchase online as it comes to hand.  


We thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.  The support that we have received for that hard decisions that we have made during the last week is so very much valued and appreciated.  It is wonderful to see our little community come together and help each other.


Cheers! - from the team at Rosebank Meats


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