29 March 2020 - Update

As a direct result of everybody ordering responsibly with consideration of others, supplies are now almost back to normal this week.  And for this we thank you all.

We have therefore relaxed some of the restrictions on several product lines.  Please feel free to order 3-4 days worth of product that you require. All we ask is that you take only what is required for this timeframe.

Last week, orders were being turned around in an average of 2-3 hours over the past week, and we expect that to continue this week.  We do ask that you wait for your text to confirm that your order is ready for pick up before presenting to the shop. 

CUT-OFF TIMES: Orders received before 1pm will be processed on the day of order (unless otherwise specified).  Orders received after 1pm will be available for pick up the next day. Orders received after 9am on Saturday, and on Sunday, will be available for pick up on Monday.

Thank you all again for your continued support and understanding during these crazy new times!

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